It seems these days if you've got a question about when Zach Bryan is going to release something all you have to do is ask the man himself on Twitter. But, regardless, it's not like he's going all that many days between releases anyway.

This week a fan Tweeted at Bryan asking him about a new fan favorite song "Deep Satin." Here's how it went down: Jacob Baer asked "Real talk, when is Deep Satin coming out?" Zach replied, "next album brother! around February!"

And there you have it. At this rate the former sailor is on pace to release 14 album and 347 songs by next Christmas. Dude is a machine.

Today may be the first day of fall, but we are really just closing out our Zach Bryan summer. He basically took over every streaming platform when he released his debut studio album, the 34-track American Heartbreak, and then when his Summertime Blues EP dropped the internet flatlined due to overexertion.

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"Something in the Orange" really spurred the charge for his latest success, it cracked the Billboard Country Airplay chart, and stayed around No. 6 or No. 7 for weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart. But to only credit that single would be a disservice to what he's accomplished. His latest single "Burn, Burn, Burn," released a little over a week ago, has quite literally set the internet ablaze.

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