The headline sounds a little more harsh than it actually is.  If you've ever tried to wake up a kid in the middle of the night for any reason you know how difficult it can be.  The same holds true even if mom or dad have been away for a year.

It amazes me that you can practically swing a kid around by the arms while loud explosions go off in the background and they'll never bat an eye, but if you dare try to silently maneuver around on the other side of the house to avoid waking them up and they'll be knocking on your door in a matter of seconds.

This is a video that combines two of my favorite things;  returning American soldiers and sleeping kids.  I love returning American soldiers because it means they've made it... they're back to their families.  I love sleeping kids because they're just so precious.  I also love sleeping kids because a sleeping kid isn't making noise or making a mess.