We've all heard (part of) the story.  We've heard the late-night show punchlines.  I've even made a few jokes at her expense.  That's changed for me now that I've seen this video.

This case made international headlines in 1992 when Stella Liebeck won a reported $2.9 million from McDonald's after she suffered 3rd-degree burns on her legs and lower body.  Most of us (if not all of us) assumed in was a cash-grab and went on with our lives, thinking all along the way, "Man, I wish I could spill some coffee on MY lap".

As it turns out, that's not the whole story.  Leave it to the sensationalism of the news media as the attempt to one-up the competition to turn this into a heated debate, instead of looking at the effect of the heated coffee on this unfortunate 79-year-old woman.  Watch the video below to get the whole story... the REAL story... and you'll change your mind in an instant.