The Roys were searching for a new banjo player earlier this week after the resignation of Daniel Patrick.

Patrick spent the last year and a half on the road with Lee and Elaine Roy and decided to leave the group to start a band with his sister Samantha.

The Roys announced the opening for a new banjo player on their Facebook page on Sunday (Sept. 7).

“If you are, or know someone who is good and looking for a full time gig, please inbox us!" the post reads. "Daniel will be with us through October and is going to work with the new member to get them up to speed. Must have a passport and be ready to travel.”

They didn't have to wait long. Just a day later (Sept. 8), the Roys shared that the position had been filled.

The duo released their new album, 'The View,' on Sept. 2. It's their fourth album for Rural Rhythm Records.

“We always go in the studio with the mindset that this is our last record,” Lee tells The Boot. “You never know if there’s going to be another record around the corner or what’s gonna happen. So we wanted to go in and really make a record that was who we are. We’re a little bit bluegrass and a little bit country, and for a while we tried to shy away from saying that we’re both. But it is who we are."