Every city is going to have crime within it - sadly, it's an inevitable feature of our civilization. With Temple's estimated population of 70,765, the Central Texas city is the 49th largest community in the state, so there's bound to be some crime, right?

With the help of Neighborhood Scout statistics we can see that Temple has a lower rate of violent crimes (1-in-404) than the national and state median (1-in-246). But property crime is relatively high with a 1-in-29 chance occurring in Temple while there's a 1-for-33 chance for the rest of Texas.

With those statistics in mind, Scout was able to pinpoint the safest neighborhoods in Temple, TX.

  1. Airport Rd / Old Howard Rd
  2. S. Kegley Rd / Airport Rd
  3. Berger
  4. Hickory Rd / Hemlock Blvd
  5. S. 31st St / Canyon Creek Dr
  6. N. 15th St / W French Ave
  7. Midway