If you happen to be on the square in downtown Georgetown you can get a look at the man who Williamson county is named after, ole 3-Legged Willie.Robert McAlpin Williamson was actually born in Georgia in 1804, but made his way to Texas in 1827. As a child, Williamson came down with tuberculous arthritis which caused his right leg to permanently lock up at a 90 degree angle below the knee. Williamson had a wooden leg attached below the knee so that he could walk, thus earning him the nickname 3-Legged Willie.

Williamson passed the state bar exam at age 19 before he practiced law for a year in Georgia. Robert then made his way to Texas and met Stephen A. Austin and William B. Travis. Soon after, he founded the Cotton Plant newspaper and became the first prosecuting attorney for the colony of San Felipe de Austin.

Williamson was named first Major of all the Texas Rangers in 1835, and led his men in the battles of Gonzales, and the Battle of San Jacinto in William H. Smith's 2nd REG. "J" cavalry. He then went on to became a judge and state lawmaker. 3-Legged Willie died in 1859 at the age of 55. He is laid to rest in the Austin state cemetery.