It was just a random thought during an otherwise ordinary afternoon that's left me looking back at everything I've done to get to where I am while also looking ahead at where I'm headed.

Somewhere along the way, marking points in life became less about my own "moments" and accomplishments and more about my family's "moments", both wife and kids.  That's why when something is strong enough to momentarily jar you from that train of thought, you take notice.  That happened to me today.

It was while I was looking at Facebook at the latest presidential candidate to throw his hat into the ring that I came across an article about political candidates buying crowds from a company that rents out diverse groups of people for campaign events.  There's even an unnamed presidential candidate that's used this company.

This article made me LOL thinking about the possibility of renting out a crowd at my next car dealership remote so that I looked popular.  It also made me think, "Anyone can now be a presidential candidate thanks to YouTube and rent-a-crowds".

When I was a young man I dreamt of becoming president. Instead, I'm judging boats during a Christmas parade on Lake Belton. Photo by Rick Smith.

I also thought about a witty Facebook post in regards to declaring my own candidacy for president.  Before I could type a single witty letter I did the math and came to the realization that the 2016 election will be the first presidential election for which I'd be eligible to run.

At 37 years of age I wasn't yet at that minimum age of 35 during the last election cycle.  At first thought, it was invigorating to think that I was finally considered old enough to be responsible with the nuclear football.  Cold water was thrown on that invigoration when it hit me that, although old enough, I was located nowhere near any sort of road or path that was leading to Pennsylvania Avenue.  Not that I'd want that job to begin with, but it's still a startling realization that you CAN, you just WON'T.

It was the thought that I wasn't presidential material, and the accompanying feeling of overall failure in that childhood pursuit, that made me think of this "moment" as a ME moment, rather than the family.  That doesn't happen often.  Most of the time any moment that comes along is something associated with the kids.

First day of 1st grade.  First girlfriend.  First soccer goal.  There are a lot of moments, but they're shared moments.  I like their moments better than my moments.  While I continue my pursuit to better my position in both life and career, I'm perfectly content on where my path has currently led me.

Who knows?  Maybe I'll have my crap together by the time the 2020 presidential election comes around.  Most likely not, but it at least buys me some time.  Until then, look for my new rent-a-crowd business "Con-Crowd".  To save money, my crowds consist entirely of prison inmates dressed in civilian clothes.  Plus, I'm sure I'll come across quite a few politicians working with the prison crowd that will be able to consult on my upcoming presidential bid.