Bexar County?

What is the best county in Texas to live in?

The website Stacker came up with a list of best places to live in each of the 50 states, and the county they selected in Texas may surprise you.

They received their data from the website Niche, which uses the methodology of statistics of education of their residents, living costs, public schools, safety and crime rates, job availability, weather, and more.

So, based on the data they complied about the state of Texas, they named Collin County the best county to live in, and here's why:

According to Niche, Collin County's population is just over 944,000, where 66% of their residents own their own homes with their home value averaging $288,000. The median income is just over $94,000.

Reportedly it's one of Texas' most densely populated counties, as lots of young families have moved to the area. The average age has been dropping, and Hispanics now outnumber African Americans in Collin County.

So if you are looking to move and you want to stay in Northeast Texas, the Plano area is where you want to be!


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