It's cricket mating season in Central Texas, which means at any given moment, you might hear the dull roar of "chirp chirps" or even come across thousands at a time when you go to your local gas station.

That's what happened to me. I fought all my urges to run away screaming (I hate insects) so I could get some footage of these guys at the peak of their mating season.

According to Baylor University insect researcher Richard Duhrkopf, Central Texas goes through this kind of event every year, usually beginning around August. However, the cricket season pretty much ends once the first or second freeze of the season arrives.

If you're like me, you're already researching on how to prevent cricket infestation. The single most important cause of crickets piling up at your front door is your porch light, so make sure you shut that off when it's practical. Unfortunately, there isn't much else except for closing and sealing all entry points of your home and your basic insecticide and sprays.

Business tend to suffer from cricket infestation as it detracts customers from coming inside the building and even worse, when the huge mass of insects die, it get's pretty stinky.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM