Tim McGraw's 'Highway Don't Care' video is like a mini-movie, which isn't surprising, since the singer has had plenty of big screen experience as an actor in full-length films. The clip acts as somewhat of a PSA to warn of the dangers of texting and driving. But it's not that simple. 

The video features McGraw in full performance mode, playing a character. When he's singing, he's standing in the middle of the road, walking with a pensive look on his face. Taylor Swift also appears, singing her parts while slightly obscured by a sheer curtain. She has no interaction with McGraw. Neither does Keith Urban, who plays his guitar part while standing in his typical live stance and adopting a familiar posture.

The plot of the 'Highway Don't Care' video features a bereft girl, driving in her car and sobbing, texting and smashing the steering wheel while seated behind it. She is clearly too emotionally overwrought to be doing anything, much less operating a vehicle.

The cell phone proves to be a major issue, as the driver tosses it on her passenger seat and it lands on the floor. She tries to grab it and that's when she goes off the rails in more ways than one.

It's graphic, dramatic, and hard to watch.

Does she survive -- and what is McGraw's relationship to her in this song? He's not her father or her lover. That's all we'll tell you.

The images of Swift and Urban on the shattered glass spilled across the highway are cinematically beautiful.

The outward message of the 'Highway Don't Care' clip is "Don't text and drive," but the deeper meaning is to be careful out there on the road of life. It's dangerous.