Tim Tebow is back on ESPN, but this time, it's not on the highlight reels.

Tebow fans around the world, rejoice! After being cut from the Patriots in the preseason, the former Heisman winning quarterback has found a new job, as a college football analyst on ESPN. As a huge Tebow fan myself, I'm thrilled about this.

Tim made his debut this morning, during a Sports Center segment live from the Rose Bowl, where the BCS National Championship game will be held this evening. Florida State will take on Auburn University at 7:30 pm. After a few jokes about his Dolce and Gabbana attire, Tebow delivered his first commentary with clarity and poise. The 26 year old former quarterback spoke about his experience gearing up for National Championship games in the past, and in true Tebow fashion, he was even able to drop in a reference to his Christianity (props!). Check out the segment for yourself below!

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