Smokers, put down your cigarettes today.  Suck on a Life Saver instead. Chew some gum. The American Cancer Society hopes if you can stop smoking today, it's a good start toward quitting for the rest of your life. The Great American Smokeout is always on the third Thursday of November.  This year, they are celebrating quitters and their supporters with a series of fun characters designed for social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Check out these other resources and information to help you quit for good.

American Cancer Society/Facebook

Want to know how lawmakers can help in the fight against tobacco use? Sharecare & the American Cancer Society will continue to host the Great American Smokeout Twitter Chat today.  Ask your question on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #quitforgood. Go online Thurs, Nov 21, 11 am to 4 pm EST to see the answers roll in from the American Cancer Society and other experts!

You can also get tips on how to kick your smoking habit today, from 12-1 during Everyday Health’s #HealthTalk.

The American Cancer Society/FaceBook

I know it's hard, heck I have been trying to give up Sugar for years.  But if you drop the cigarettes for today I will drop the Sugar!