Okay raise your hand if you hated to go to the bathroom at school.   Now raise em higher if you REALLY hated to spend more than a minute in one of those stalls.  I’m sure you know what I am talking about.  It’s bad enough when you have to spend extra time in the stalls, imagine if you had to sign out the toilet paper.   That’s what the boys at Mahanoy Area High school in Eastern Pennsylvania have to do.    The Pottsville Republican and Herald reports, the Principal initiated the TP Policy  because some Young Hoodlums  have been clogging the toilets and vandalizing the bathrooms.  The new policy says you have to sign out the toilet paper, then sign it back in when you are done.  It’s not like they give you a couple of sheets, you do get the whole roll.

At least one parent was so upset about the policy she complained to the school board. She told the board that some kids are too embarrassed to sign out the TP so they go to the nurse claiming to be sick so they can go home instead. The Principal, Thomas Smith says that he is not aware of that problem, and he is willing to give the boys another chance at unregulated toilet paper.

But, he says, if the bathroom is destroyed, the toilet paper will be removed once again.