Every day, the battle cry at my home is "What's for dinner?" Can you relate?

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I know that sometimes, it's so much easier to just hop in the car and go to a restaurant, but then you still have to make decisions. There are a lot of choices in Central Texas when it comes to food. Do we want tacos, barbeque, or Asian food? Didn't that new place get some bad reviews?

Yelp Reviews

Yelp is a handy way to find a business you're looking for and to learn what people who use or visit the establishment say about their experience. Places with a high number of ratings and reviews give you a good idea of what to expect when you go.

The Top 5 Restaurants in Belton, Texas

If you do decide to eat out, I'm going to make things a little easier for you. I took the highest-rated restaurants with the most reviews from Yelp located in Belton, Texas, and listed them in order.

Here are the restaurants in Belton, Texas with the most stars from customers with the best reviews, according to Yelp.

So what do you think? Is it time to eat yet?

Still Hungry?

Blue Bell is the official ice cream of Texas, and my personal favorite. According to a new list of the 15 best brands of ice cream nationwide, Blue Bell was ranked in the middle.

In addition to ingredients, texture, and variety, Tasting Table used Influenster and other site reviews as part of its ranking process.

Scroll on to find out how Blue Bell compared to the number one ice cream, and how all 15 on the list were judged.

The Top 10 Worst Places to Live in Texas

While it's always a good idea to know about areas with the lowest crime rates and best recreational opportunities when you are looking for a place to live, it’s also important to know which places to avoid. Even if you move to a neighborhood with a low crime rate, you could also be close to less safe communities.

Here are the top 10 worst places to live in Texas according to moneyinc.com.

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