News 10 is reporting that a Central Texas traffic stop on Wednesday led to the arrest of two people on identity theft charges.

Daniel Alberto Perez-Rodriguez, 28, of Austin, Jose Gerardo Chaples-Bruzon, age 25, of Las Vegas, Nev., were arrested around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 500 block of South Key Avenue. Police said they found a credit card skimmer and stolen credit and debit cards on the two men.

KWTX said, "A driver’s license check showed that Chaples-Bruzon was named in warrants in Williamson County and Cedar Park charging credit/debit card abuse."

The two men were immediately booked and taken to the Lampasas County Jail.

According to KWTX, "Perez-Rodriguez was charged with fraudulent use/possession of identifying information, and Chaples-Bruzon is held on the outstanding warrants charging misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and fraudulent use/possession of identifying information."

Police also said they are trying to help out any victims affected by the two men.

“They are attempting to identify and notify potential victims and/or assist other law enforcement agencies who might have active cases. Further, the vehicle is being held for potential seizure and forfeiture because it was suspected to have been used to commit these felonies,” said police.

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