I had a little time to sit down and watch TV last night while holding my daughter and came across this cinematic gem, Amish Mafia.This show is somewhat humorous and entertaining to watch, but I found myself asking if it was scripted after I saw the way the people were acting on the show.  First of all, any time I see anything to do with the Mafia, of any type, the most respected people are always older... This show has a leader named Lebanon Levi and he looks like he is 20.  The guys that he has that works for him look just as young.  Putting that aside, the way they talk about how tough they are is also quite humorous as I am sure there are people that work at your local Walmart as greeters are scarier than any of them.

Youtube - Amish Mafia

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the show is watching one of the aspiring Amish Mafia guys driving to his co-workers house in... Wait for it... A SCOOTER!  It is awesome.

Now I am sure if you aren't allowed to have mechanical devices that this is the Cadillac of Scooters, but how intimidating can you be if you can't go any faster than you can propel yourself with your foot while you chase someone down to send a message.  LOL...

I must admit though, after watching the first episode my finger did make its way to the record button and I set it to save the season.  Before you take my Man Card away...  I did set the priority below Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Suits and all re-runs of King of the Hill and the Office.