As residents living in the quiet and calm city of Belton, we've become somewhat accustomed to the "so-called" problems we encounter on a daily basis. To help relieve all the frustrations, Beltonians have turned to Twitter to express what needs to be said concerning issues from what to have for dinner to what constitutes a cold front at #beltonproblems.

Some of these you'll probably nod your head in agreement. And others will make you laugh and spit your beverage all over your phone.


1) Sewage problems?


2) Will this be the day?


3) Dinner anyone?

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4) Anybody excited?

Elizabeth Varville


5) Nothing better to do!

Elizabeth Varville


6) What cold front?

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7) You live where?

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8) I'm sorry. What did you just say?

Elizabeth Varville


9) I wish I drove a jeep!

Elizabeth Varville


10) What's your favorite color?

Elizabeth Varville


11) Burger or workout session?


12) Did they actually post that?