William R. Twist (left) and Jacob H. Lugmayer (right) - Jail Photos

A Killeen man and a Fort Hood soldier are facing felony arson charges after the two allegedly set fire to a nightclub in order to destroy evidence.

William R. Twist and Spc. Jacob H. Lugmayer were arraigned Thursday, and both are being held on $50,000 bond. Police say the men set fire to areas of Starlight Station at 3310 South Fort Hood St. on December 17. Investigators believe the two were attempting to destroy evidence and video footage of a burglary that took place at the club on December 3. Police say cash was stolen from a safe during that break-in.

Fort Hood officials have confirmed that Lugmayer is a specialist with the 3rd Calvary Regiment. Twist’s Facebook page lists Starlight Station as an employer and suggests he was enlisted in the Army.