It was just a month ago that a video of two women fighting at a Wal-Mart blew up the internet.  Two Florida shoppers at a Publix Grocery Store came to blows, and it's got all the white-trashy goodness we've come to expect from Florida.

I've said for quite some time that anywhere further than 100 yards away from the beach in Florida is basically South Alabama, and it's best to avoid the state entirely, beaches or not.  People usually laugh me off when I say that, but it's the only reason I refuse to visit what are probably the most beautiful beaches in the continental US.  I have too smart a mouth for my own good when it comes to calling out the trash that seems to be surrounding us on social media.

There's no word on what started this fight, but given that one of the knuckleheads is screaming about his "9 1/2-month pregnant wife, man", we can only assume the fighter coming out of the blue corner grabbed the last bucket of popcorn chicken.

It's very sad to see small kids witnessing this stupidity in the store.