Lately in West Texas, it seems like the ground just opens up wherever it wants to. Two massive sinkholes that are currently about a mile apart, are threatening to merge and cause a catastrophic collapse for the surrounding communities.

Right now, one sinkhole has opened up in the town of Wink, Texas and the other in Kermit. Southern Methodist University has been watching the ground surrounding both of these holes, and they seem to be seeing indications of movement. In other words, these two sinkholes could become one massive collapse.

Google Earth
Google Earth

The hole in Wink, Texas has been around since the 80's and is about 360 feet across. In Kermit, the hole is closer to 900 feet across. Both are about 100 feet deep. Concern is spreading in both towns as the sinkholes still seem to be growing. Areas near and around them are also showing signs of instability. Nearby roads are becoming cracked and uneven.

While sinkholes can form on their own, they also tend to show up around areas of natural gas and oil extraction, both of which are going on near both west Texas towns. What's even more unsettling are the images of both sinkholes captured in the same satellite photos...check out more of these images here.

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