Three new pairs of canine teams are hitting the streets this month after graduating from training.

According to a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety, on Thursday, April 1, three canine teams completed a nine-week training program and have joined the Texas Highway Patrol Division.

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Let's face it: dogs are absolutely the best. They are incredibly smart, loyal, and their noses are great for sniffing out people, illegal drugs, bombs, and just about anything else you can think of.

In 2020, DPS canine teams assisted in the seizure of approximately 5,342 pounds of marijuana, 342.92 pounds of cocaine, 37.75 pounds of heroin, 816.69 pounds of methamphetamine, 35.77 pounds of hashish and $4.2 million in cash.

“Our canine units play an integral role in interdicting criminals and detecting narcotics on the streets, and because of their hard work, there are victims and victims’ families that will never be known,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “I’m proud to welcome these three new handlers and canines to the roster. After completing the necessary training, these teams are ready to take on their next assignment in protecting and serving the state of Texas.”

These new canine teams will be used for drug detection, and join more than 50 DPS Canine Detection Teams across Texas within the Texas Highway Patrol Division. Two of dogs are German Shepards, and the other is a Dutch Shepard/Belgian Malinois. One of the pups came from Lackland Air Force Base, and the other two were donated from a nonprofit organization.

The new dogs and their handlers will be stationed in Eagle Pass, Laredo and Big Springs.

Congratulations to these pups and their handlers! May they have a long and safe career.

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