When Winter Storm Uri tore through the South, Texans banded together to help in whatever way they could.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Tyson Foods decided to donate 17,000 pounds of chicken to Guess Family Barbeque in Waco.

Guess worked diligently during and after the storm to provide meals to Oncor line workers who were working to restore power in Central Texas. The restaurant was able to serve over 700 meals in just three days.

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Let me tell you if you weren't aware, barbeque is not cheap! That meat costs a very pretty penny. Instead of worrying about profit and losses, Guess looked at the big picture and decided that helping others was a much better idea than just helping themselves.

The folks at Tyson Foods agreed.

The Drew Barrymore Show and Tyson Foods partnered together to surprise the owners of Guess Family Barbeque, Gene Vinnykov and Reed Guess.

“The Guess Family Barbecue restaurant will use this product donation to continue to distribute food to the community,” Tyson Foods says.

“We cannot wait to continue to give back to our wonderful community thanks to the support of Tyson” said Gene Vinnykov, co-owner of Guess Family Barbecue.

“This is the biggest delivery we’ve ever received, and we are thrilled to continue giving back to the community during this time of need.”

My favorite part about Texas is our southern hospitality. We truly love our neighbors. Thank you to owners and workers at Guess barbeque who went above and beyond during this crisis.

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