A family three in Temple was displaced Saturday after an incense burner left unattended caused smoke and fire damage to their apartment.Temple Fire & Rescue responded to a fire at the Oaks Apartments at 3401 Camelia Drive Saturday morning. When they arrived, they were met by a Temple Police officer who had forced entry into a second story apartment and put out a small fire with a portable extinguisher. Fire crews then entered in order to determine if the fire was dead and clear the scene.

An investigation determined that the fire was unintentional. According to firefighters, an incense burner left unattended on a dinning table overheated and caused nearby paper items to catch flame. A man living in the apartment told firefighters that he thought he'd extinguished the incense before the family left the house. Dollar loss caused by the damages to the apartment and its contents is estimated at $5,500.

The residents of the apartment - two adults and one child - were not injured and are staying with family. A working smoke detector is credited with alerting neighbors to the fire and preventing further damage.