It's hard to believe in the year of 2022 that things like this occur. But in Houston, one individual, who at the time of writing is unidentified, placed a flyer on a tree that has many talking.

The Flyer In Question

KPRC in Houston has the story of the mystery flyer. Lante and Nakiba Phillips were walking around Sunnyside park. While on their walk, Lante spotted the flyer upon a tree. They immediately notified a worker for the park, and the flyer was taken down.

The video, courtesy of KPRC has the racial slur included. This video with the slur may be disturbing to some viewers, so discretion is advised:

The flyer has caused not only questions of who put it up, but what can be done to avoid future incidents.

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KPRC interviewed Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, District D Councilmember on her response to flyer in question. She described the paper as "appalling."

The Sunnyside Civic Club even had estimates done earlier in the year to potentially see if cameras could be put up to prevent situations like this. The councilmember responded that while the idea is a good one, much more goes into setting up cameras than initially expected. Maintenance and Monitoring being both major factors.

In the meantime, Evans-Shabazz has asked for increased police presence in the area, and is scheduling meeting to see what other steps can be taken.

Final Thoughts

This is an egregious act, speaking from personal thoughts, whoever did this placing of the flyer should be held accountable for their actions. If you know anything regarding this incident, please contact Houston Law Enforcement.

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