Amanda Martinez made national news last November when video of her throwing soup in the face of a restaurant worker made the rounds.

Soup Attack

It's a video that has gone viral, and you've probably seen it at least once since it was released in early November of 2021. The video shows Martinez talking with a Jannelle Broland, an employee at the Sol De Jalisco on S. General Bruce Dr. in Temple, Texas, about the soup being too hot. Martinez then picks up the soup container and throws it in Broland's face before storming out.

The video racked up thousands of views and news outlets from across the country picked up the story. Martinez was eventually located and arrested by Temple PD and charged with assault causing bodily injury.

Broland told KCEN's Braylee Bates,

“When I last spoke with TPD, it seemed like this process would take a lot longer. I’m not sure how to feel about being the one to put someone in jail, but I’m glad to see she’s facing the consequences of her actions!”


KCEN reports that Martinez has rejected the state's plea deal and will head to trial, which is set for June 27 at 9am. Richard Lazott, First Assistant County Attorney, said the plea deal included a fine of $800, probation, and other undisclosed conditions.

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If Martinez is found guilty, she could face up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $4,000, or both.

Was It Worth It?

Watching the video just leaves you scratching your head. We've all had lousy service or a botched order at a restaurant, but think about it - that soup could have permanently scarred that employee or damaged her eyes. What sort of person is perfectly ok with either possibility and willing to casually throw hot soup in a human being's face?

Guess we'll find out when the trial commences.

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