Guess where I was On Sunday.   Out on Belton Lake on the US 105 Party Pontoon, courtesy of Old School Boat Rentals.   I brought my niece and her 3 kids, and the Old School Family was there as well, so we had a full boat!  Chip, our Captain, kept us safe and sound!

Chip the Captain of the US 105 Party Pontoon

It’s something US 105 does every Sunday, we go out on Belton Lake with a Basket o’ Goodies…shirts,  hats,  coozies,  we even had a lunch box in there  this time.  We give this stuff away to people on the lake, and on the shore and in the water.

The US 105 Party Boat Meets Another Old School Boat Rental Pontoon and we toss them Prizes!

We find you or you find us.   We’ll be out there again next Sunday so find the US 105 Party Boat, flag us down and score free stuff!!!!!

My niece Adrianna as we stopped at Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area to Swim. We gave Prizes away there too!