Talking about driving in Texas always leads to a story doesn't it? We've all seen someone do something stupid while behind the wheel. Some people text, some don't even look at the road, heck some people don't drive the right way sometimes!

But there's other parts of the journey that we don't figure into the equation don't we? What does that exactly mean you ask? Well the destination is one part we rarely think about.

When that bad driver arrives at wherever they're going, do you think the bad habits continue? Do they leave their car running? Are they the type of person to back up into a parking spot?

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Wait, hold that thought on the parking spot. What if they can't even park right in the first place?

One Texas Video Shows The Response To A Truly Bad Parking Job

We travel (virtually thankfully) to Katy, Texas, where video captured shows one Texan suffering consequences due to their decision to park rather...well just see for yourself:

First, how in the world did they think this was the correct way to park? Did they not see the lines painted yellow on the ground? I mean goodness gracious...

But more importantly, did the two drivers who blocked him in the area decide at the same time to do so? Or did one driver arrive, block one end, and the other came along and followed suit? Whatever the case, we now wonder one more thing...

How long did it take for the middle driver to get out? The world may never know.

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