Marily Considine is one of a handful of Ft. Hood residents that have been nominated for Military Spouse of the Year at Ft. Hood, the beginning of a journey that could result in being named Military Spouse of the Year over all posts/bases and branches of the US Armed Forces. 

The stories of these spouses should serve as a reminder that, while husbands and wives proudly protect our freedom overseas, there are just as many serving back home to keep the family going in their absence.  They endure the goodbyes, the sleepless nights waiting for a phone call and have to spend every waking moment wondering if and when their husband or wife is coming home.  Their stories are inspirational.  Their stories are emotional.  Their stories are the other life of the American soldier.

Read their stories, share their stories with others, and then vote for the most deserving Ft. Hood nominee for Military Spouse of the Year.  You can only vote from 5am-11:59pm on Tuesday, January 22nd.  Show your support for those that support those that support our country.