Have you ever been to a restaurant and thought "wow, that's the best waiter (or waitress) I've ever had"?  Ever had service that went so far above and beyond what you expected, it made you wish there was some way you could say "AWESOME JOB!"

Well now there is!


Been to a great lunch spot and got served lightening fast? Did a romantic dinner go off without a hitch because of a perfect waiter or waitress? Did a special party become even more special thanks to an extra-amazing waitstaff?  Now's the time to give them a shout-out!

We're giving you a chance to tell us who you think deserves the crown. All you have to do is tell us what local restaurant has the best service and why. You can even share a picture of the deserving waiter(s)/waitress(es)!

We'll narrow the field down to the top five nominated local venues. And then we'll let YOU decide who gets the crown for the Best Wait Staff in Central Texas!

Nominations end July 31. The top five restaurants will be announced live on the air Aug. 5 AND featured in a profile on this website.

Then, you have two weeks to vote for your favorite. We will announce the Best Wait Staff in Central Texas live on the air on Aug. 19.

Waiters, waitresses, restaurant owners and mangers--want to help get the word out about your superstar staff?  Use the Facebook/Twitter buttons at the top of the post to 'share' this contest to all your friends/customers.

Enter here now and let's see just who really is the "Best Wait Staff In Central Texas!"