A popular Waco dentist has survived a shark attack in the Bahamas and has lived to tell about it. Check out the tale from Dr. Steven Cutbirth

This is not how anybody wants to kick off their Bahama vacation.

What you see above happened to Dr. Cutbirth on day one of his trip to the Bamahas. Yikes! He was diving and spear fishing when the attack happened. Cutbirth says he sure the six-foot-long Bull shark was after his catch, and not the dentist himself.

Steve was rushed to a local clinic and released after treatment. What a close call! Cutbirth also described the encounter in an interview with our news partners at KWTX News 10.

Out of nowhere, I felt like I was being hit by a freight train in the head.

Dr. Cutbirth says he's been vacationing in the same spot for 25 years, and that this is the first time he's ever had an incident. He say's he's ok, and that his family doesn't plan on canceling the rest of their vacation. He just says he can't go back in the water for about 10 more days.





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