For those who somehow aren't aware, criticizing children and others' parenting is one way to land yourself in very HOT water.

This morning, Central Texan parents found themselves alarmed when a teacher at Thurman E. Dorsey Head Start in Waco posted a long diatribe about the children who attend and their parents.

The EOAC teacher began her post with, "Dear EOAC parents, we have had a fantastic school yr with ur kiddos."

And...that's as nice as it gets.

The teacher writes:

"Let's be real, the reason your kid/kids don't kno(w) sh** is because you as the parent won't take the time out your day and do educational things with them....Some of you parents also kno(w) sumthin is wrong with your child and still don't want to get them the proper help they need, but quick to pull up at the school to drop their lil bad a**es off and want us to put up with them...If y'all would put the kiddos to bed early instead of partying all nite, doing online bingo late at nite, taking shots all nite on live, getting your heads slayed but your kids sh** is nappy or rolled all up then maybe y'all can get the kiddos to school on time and they won't be sleepy."

To end her post the teacher closes with:

"If you feel like this message was about you or for you then maybe it was. I'm off the clock and can post anything on my page so run and tell EOAC/CFA (Child Family Advocate). Thank you!!!"

WARNING: The screenshots below contain NSFW language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Photo courtesy of Destiny Holmes
Photo courtesy of Destiny Holmes
Photo courtesy of Destiny Holmes
Photo courtesy of Destiny Holmes

Whew! I don't even have kids, but even I was offended with that post.

Not surprisingly, plenty of parents and concerned citizens called EOAC, and the school released the following message:

"It is the mission of EOAC Head Start to serve children and families with dignity, compassion, love, and respect. The personal opinions posted on social media do not reflect the views of EOAC and the Head Start dedicated employees who come to work every day to serve our Head Start children and families.

The employee is on administrative leave pending investigation. This is a personal matter and EOAC cannot comment further at this time."

Frankly, the matter stopped being personal when it was posted to social media for the world to see. The optics aren't looking good here for the employee or EOAC Waco.

According to EOAC Waco:

The Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation (EOAC) is the grantee for Head Start 0-5 program. The EOAC Head Start program serves over 1,000 children and families in McLennan and Falls counties at eleven locations in 47 classrooms.

Was the teacher wrong for airing her grief on social media? Do you think she deserves to be let go?

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