Smoke could be seen pouring out of this old, hallowed-out tree in Waco Monday afternoon after a resident figured he'd remove a snake inside by setting the tree on fire.

KWTX reports Waco firefighters responded to the fire in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. It took them about an hour to put out the fire. The fire got to cooking pretty good inside the old tree. Firefighters had to climb up a ladder and spray water down into the tree to get it to stop burning.

While this did get rid of the snake, the homeowner now has to worry about the old tree falling down on his property. The fire department advised the resident to have the tree professionaly removed before it falls down.

If you are attempting a DIY snake removal, remember fire is generally not the safest idea. Warmer weather is here, and snakes are becoming more active, so remember to call the pros. Thanks to Matthew Ablon of KWTX for the photo!

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