David Brittain is the man to call in Bell County if you find snakes near or around your home! He's a certified animal control officer and chances are if you call 9-1-1 about a snake, they are sending David to take care of it. Brittain will catch the snakes and release them to a proper location. He believes his no-kill catch and release method helps protect the species, as well as the homeowners.

Davis has some Central Texas residents calling him out every few weeks to remove a snake. Heavy rains and high water this spring have pushed the creatures into more populated areas, and that keeps him pretty busy.

Brittain's general safety advice is to know your surroundings. Snakes blend in to their surroundings so it's important to keep an eye out. David says the most important thing to remember if you are bitten by a snake is to stay calm. The faster your heart rate, the faster the venom spreads through your system (if the snake is poisonous).

David says he's currently working on a pamphlet for residents that helps identify the snakes common to Central Texas. Check out his Facebook page full of great information. You'll find it here.