News 10 is reporting that a Waco man was taken to a local hospital Sunday morning after a fire engulfed his home.

Desiree Garrett was asleep in her home around 8:30 a.m. near the 900 block of N. 23rd when she heard a loud noise coming from her front door.

"I woke up to my door being tugged at. When I woke up, there was smoke engulfing the house. You couldn't see or breathe," she said.

Authorities are saying that the man inside of the burning home was taken to a local hospital with burn and smoke injuries.

Details have not been released as to the cause of the fire. The injury condition of the victim is also still unknown.

With the holidays fast approaching, be sure to take time to turn off stoves, put out fires and make sure to do your part to stop fires from happening.

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