If you're a fan of AMC programming or those absurd Geico commercials, you know Randy Schell's voice.

Schell died Saturday during a skydiving session with Houston's Skydive Spaceland. According to Comicbook.com, the company issued a statement explaining that there was a mid-air collision after two "licensed, experienced skydivers accidentally collided following a planned group skydive."

The statement explains, "Both jumpers had made at least one successful skydive earlier that day, had hundreds or thousands of skydives each, and were jumping their own parachute systems. Both jumpers deployed their parachutes normally and collided afterward. They sustained injuries in the collision and/or on landing, and one did not survive. Weather was not a factor.”

Schell's website lists voice demos, and even if you've never seen the man's face, chances are you'll recognize his voice.


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