What is the deal with pulling people out of the crowd to sing at concerts these days?  Everybody seems to be doing it.  Carrie Underwood did it in Hidalgo, Texas last Friday.

This happened a day after Carrie hurt her foot in Corpus and got a boot.  At this performance Carrie called up a Semi-Pro, eleven year old Genesis Nava, an "America's Got Talent" contestant.  Genesis was eliminated in this summer's Vegas round.  Watch Genesis take  that microphone from Carrie and do her THANG!

Genesis sang the same song on Americas's Got Talent" you can watch that too.

By the way, is all this Cell Phone Video at Concerts legal these days?  I remember when they used to warn you about taking still pictures and using video cameras.  Are cell phones okay now?  You can tell I haven't been to a concert this Century!