When a stranger took off with their baby brother, two young siblings gave chase and helped foil a kidnapping. Part of that chase was captured on security camera. 

Update:  A 15 year old boy wearing fake glasses and a fake mustache was arrested for taking the little boy.  One of the kidnap victim's young siblings identified the suspect, The 15-year-old was booked into a juvenile detention facility on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping. His name hasn't been released because he is a juvenile.  The two teens who helped in the chase say they go to school with him.


Original Story:

It happened in the small town of Sprague, Washington.  The kids were at a park near their babysitter's apartment when a man approached, started talking to them, then grabbed the 22 month old out of the stroller and took off.   Close behind, the little boys 8 year old sister, and behind her, the 10 year old brother, pushing the stroller. The little girl's screams summoned help.



Hearing those screams, two teenage boys joined the chase.  The kidnapper put the little boy down in an alley and kept running.   All the kids are okay, but the suspect got away. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon, by Tuesday afternoon police were still looking for the suspect.