How are you spending your time sitting at home? Learning a new skill? Binge watching  The Walking Dead? Painting your masterpiece? Maybe you can attempt to break a world record.

That's exactly what two guys in Idaho decided to do. According to UPI, two guys in Idaho decided to take on the world record for the most ping pong balls caught in shaving foam on the head in 30 seconds with a team of 2. Yep, that record exists and now we have a new one.

David Rush, the owner of over 100 Guinness records to promote STEM education, and his teammate Jonathan Hannon, took on the ping pong shaving cream record, which was 21 ping pong balls before being beaten in 2019 by a Swiss duo who managed to get 22.

We also have video of how this all went down. From the shaving cream top to the attempt with David Rush standing at least 6.5 feet away. In the end, it was a successful attempt as the boys got 29 balls to stick. Congrats boys. That's how you make your parents proud!

Do you have a weird skill? Maybe you should try breaking a record. There are some pretty dumb ones out here, so chances are your skill is more useful. Even if it's not, it'd be in good company with some of these other bizarre records.

Watch Mojo's list includes Most Toilet Seats Broken By the Head in One Minute (46), Most Snails on the Face for 10 Seconds (43), and Most Watermelons Chopped on the Stomach in One Minute (48). Check out the full list here.

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