A Colorado Mom got a note from the teacher about her daughters lunch.  It was a pack of Oreo cookies that started the trouble.


Mom says she put a 4 pack of Oreos in her daughters lunch along with a sandwich and string cheese.  The Oreos came back home along with the note explaining what is, and what is not nutritious.  The kid didn't get to eat her Oreos.  That is so NOT Right!




What is all that crap about potatoes and bread?  With all the bacteria laden diseases going around, who puts milk in the lunch box? Who made this stuff up?

The administrators of the private preschool say the note was unauthorized. I believe it. That teacher is unauthorized! The school is investigating.

Speaking as a mom who had a kid who only ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, we do what we can. I would be more concerned about packing something the kid will eat, rather than adhering to some bureaucratic lunch box edict.