It's late April in Texas.  We're used to going from 85-degrees to 55-degrees in the span of 30 minutes thanks to a good ol' Texas cold front.  That being said, the difference between Monday & Tuesday in Central Texas is amazing.

It was such a nice morning Tuesday morning that I almost didn't mind getting up before dawn to drive my son 20 minutes to his offseason basketball practice that better lead to at least a college scholarship to make up for all the sleep & gas lost.  There usually has to be a line of thunderstorms that will put the fear of God into you in order to see the temperature drop we saw.

The first picture was taken Monday afternoon.  I know it wasn't really 109-degrees, but you can't deny it had to be incredibly hot outside in the direct sunlight to do that to my truck.

Photo by me.

The next photo was taken Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the first photo was taken.  Even knowing it was a fluke, that's a temperature change of 54-degrees in less than 24 hours.

Photo by me.

What's that they say about the weather in Texas?  If you don't like it, stick around, it'll change soon.