With the end of the 2022, changes were already in store for Central Texas. One early one in 2023 that some dreaded was the loss of the business in the Temple Mall. Earlier in December of 2022, it was revealed that the movie theater was set to close its doors at the end of the month.

Now that the time has passed and the cinema is no longer in service, all that remains for now is a multitude of questions to those in the area. Mainly if the mall can still bring in customers. However, it was just announced that new businesses are indeed moving into the shopping center.

But that still leaves a gigantic space where the movie theater stood, and some may wonder if anything will replace the area once occupied by the cinema. We have some few ideas to fill the area of course.

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Ideas for Replacements of The Temple Mall Cinema Space

One of the biggest places that could definitely fit into the space in none other than Dave and Buster's.

Courtesy of Dave and Busters Facebook
Courtesy of Dave and Busters Facebook

The large amount of space for the cinema left behind would certainly be enough to move the business into the mall. It would also bring more individuals to the mall, as this business and a trampoline park in the mall should definitely entertain multiple patrons.

The space could also be converted into an area to hold multiple different areas for kids to run around, akin to rope courses or obstacle courses. It is also possible that the trampoline park already inside the mall moves and expands into the area left behind by the cinema.

But we turn the question over to you residents of Central Texas: What should fill in the leftover space in the Temple Mall? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature via our FREE station app!

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