Just who is your Country Music BFF? Apparently mine is Taylor Swift, but more importantly I want to know who yours is. Take the quiz, then share your BFF in the poll.


According to the quiz from PlayBuzz, "Taylor is your ultimate bff! You're an overachiever who's always down for a girl's night, some karaoke or dancing to whatever's on the radio. You're loyal to a fault...until one of your ex's cross you!"

When Taylor first came on the scene, she was not my favorite artist. As she has grown up her music has reflected it, and I've really grown to enjoy her music... and I even follow her on instagram. Here pictures of Meredith the cat are just irresistible to a cat lover like me.

Now I want to know who your BFF is! Take the quiz. Then share your answer in the poll, and comment whether the quiz got it right or wrong.