Food delivery is great. On the surface, it seems everyone wins.

You get your order without having to leave the comfort of your home, and the driver is making extra money with a side gig, or making enough for full-time work.

However, with the cost of gas rising across the nation, some delivery drivers in Central Texas are rethinking the high price of bringing food to your door.

According to AAA, $4 a gallon gas is the tipping point for many people to change their driving habits to save money.

Current Gas Prices in Texas

The American Automobile Association is currently reporting a record $4.31 for the national average price per gallon.

In Central Texas, the average price as of March 10th for unleaded gas in Killeen and Temple has risen to $3.79.

In Waco, it’s $3.80. Across the state, the average is $3.85, according to AAA.

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Delivery Drivers Making Less Money

This all translates to less money for drivers, especially if they don't get much of a tip -- or none at all.

One driver on a Temple neighborhood watch Facebook page commented that he's seen orders piling up undelivered when a name that doesn't tip is recognized at local restaurants.

Food delivery services aren't the only ones feeling the pinch of higher gas prices, either.

An online petition asking Uber and Lyft to raise their base rates to help offset the cost of gas for drivers has gotten over 8,000 signatures. Meanwhile, DoorDash told USA TODAY that drivers can save money on gas by using their DasherDirect credit card to get 2% cashback at any station, plus they can get discounts for car maintenance.

How Much Should You Tip Delivery Drivers?

When calculating your tip, you should consider 10% to be your minimum payment, according to

CNN Money agrees, and recommends that if your delivery driver is extra friendly, on time, or it's a difficult delivery, you should increase the tip to at least 20%.

Just remember, if you order food online, it costs more now than ever to bring it to your door. If you can't afford to tip your driver, then you should probably go pick up your own food!


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