We've discussed previously how La Niña could potentially affect the state of Texas in 2022. But weather predictions have also revealed that event may also continue on longer than some Texans expect.

Current Weather Data For Texas

Both the Climate Prediction Center and the Columbia Climate School have the data describing the increase in the chances of La Niña lasting longer than expected. At the time of writing, the chances of La Niña staying longer during the winter months has jumped from 65% to 75%.

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The main question that remains for us in areas of Central Texas is how this potential longer La Niña affects us.

Overall Effect Of La Niña On Texas

With the event lasting longer, there is a chance for more warmth and drier conditions for the state. According to KXAN, this could even affect the next summer for the state of Texas. With how hot the summer for the state was this past year, most of us are already possibly sweating at the thought.

This could also lead to a more dangerous spring as well. KXAN shows data from this year that events such as hailstorms and tornadoes are much more likely during the event.

The data's growth is as follows, according the Climate Prediction Center:

The odds of La Niña continuing into January-March are now up to ~58% (up from ~53% a month ago).
The odds of a La Niña February-April are now up to around 44% (up from ~38% a month ago).
The odds of a La Niña spring, March-May are now up to 26% (up from ~22% a month ago)

With more data coming soon, we should know more about what La Niña bring in the coming year.

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