Maybe Americans seem so much fatter than the rest of the world because our mouths are wired to handle more food.

A British woman named Nicola Peate dislocated her jaw while trying to eat a triple burger made in honor of the US.

Peate took a bite out of the ‘Kids in America’ burger that comes with three patties, pretzels and bacon. Well, it was too much sandwich to handle because, as she said, "I felt like I had a cramp in my tongue, then I started to get an ear ache and a headache."

Peate, who has sensitive joints that make dislocation possible, didn’t think too much of the incident until the next morning when she woke up in agony and had to go to the hospital where an X-ray confirmed she did indeed dislocate her jaw. A doctor quickly pushed the jaw into its rightful place and we can only assume Peate went out to eat for some lovely and mushy tofu.

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