Texas weather is like that bipolar crazy girlfriend - loves you one minute, and the next is ready to storm all over you. We've been experiencing record heat in Killeen, Texas all week, and now it looks there are cooler temps and even heavy rain coming our way.


Our news and weather partners at KWTX have good news and...well, not exactly bad news, but information you should pay attention to.

The good news is that it looks like we're going to get some relief from the heat going into this weekend and next week. They're predicting temperatures dipping into the upper 70s next week.

The other news is that this cold front will bring rain with it. Normally I'd say that's good news, and we definitely need the rain, but KWTX's weather team is warning of the possibility of heavy rain.


I’m writing this article now to let all of Central Texas be aware of the weather change so they can be prepared. You know how rain in Texas flips a switch that makes everyone ten times worse at driving. Plus, heavy rain could cause slick roads and flash floods.

I'd say be prepared to take your time getting places, keep your umbrella and a light raincoat handy, and make sure your outdoor pets have shelter. (You should always do that last part anyway.)

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Courtesy of KWTX
Courtesy of KWTX

According to the KWTX's weather team, this unpredictable weather could possibly start on Friday, so let’s all be prepared for a wet weekend and work week and be kind and patient with each other.

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