Spirit Halloween is putting rumors to rest and assuring customers that they will be opening this season.

According to a Facebook post, Spirit Halloween will in fact open this year, despite rumors stating the opposite. Fans of Halloween were worried that their favorite store would not be opening this season after a fake post claimed that stores would not open due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Halloween is actually my favorite holiday and fun fact- I actually worked at Spirit Halloween for 4 seasons. Something about the weather and all things spooky makes Fall my favorite time of year. Plus working at Spirit is so much fun (it's scary) and it definitely satisfies my Halloween needs!

Typically employees start receiving trucks and setting up shop in July, and as usual, stores are planning on opening in mid to late August. For those of you who weren't aware, YES stores actually start opening in August, and that is the ABSOLUTE best time to grab your costumes.

Word to the wise, waiting until October to find a costume is not a good idea. Usually the best stuff is long gone, and the lines for the dressing room and register will make you dizzy.

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Fun Times at Spirit Halloween

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