As the end of the year nears, the top trending videos of 2013 are put on for display in one place.  And it seems late night TV hosts have figured out the social media game.

Today's Viral Outbreak video is a video about videos!  YouTube has put out their top trending videos of 2013 in a smart compilation and if the editing is any indicator, Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel have figured out they're not just limited to the box on top of your TV stand.

Kimmel's "Worst Twerk" prank got the 6th highest buzz of 2013 while his "I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy" (my fav) got 8th place for the year.  Jimmy Fallon's video skit "#hashtag", with Justin Timberlake, got the 10th spot on the list.

However, THIS video is YouTube's very own parody they produced of their own top videos list.  See how many parodies you can name when you watch it.

You may now waste 5 minutes of your work day.  You're welcome.