In honor of the newest rendition of the scaly monster hitting theaters this weekend, we're rounding up 10 crazy facts you might not know about Godzilla!

If there's a record for a movie that's been rebooted the most, I'm pretty sure it would be a dead tie between A Christmas Carol and Godzilla. Over the years, many directors and actors have tried their hand at recreating the monster that first made his appearance in 1954 Japan, some versions turning out better than others. Although it seemed that Godzilla was becoming a dead horse that was continuously beaten, I have to admit, the latest rendition, set to hit theaters this weekend, looks pretty legit.

In honor of big debut, we're checking out some fun facts about the gigantic monster! For instance, did you know that Godzilla was originally supposed to be a giant octopus? Or that the original costume weighed 200 pounds, causing the actor to faint throughout the day? For more crazy facts, watch the video from one of our fav Youtube channels, AllTime10s, below!

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