How badly do you want a steak?

That’s the question people in Texas are asking themselves. In Longview, a man wanted steak so bad he was willing to steal it. But wait, there’s more.

He was also willing to try to escape the police.

But there came a time, during the high speed chase, that the man decided the steak wasn’t worth it anymore, so he started tossing them out the window. Unfortunately one of the steaks hit a patrol car.

Couple of questions pop up during this. Just how boring is it in Longview that the cops are willing to crank up the speed to over a hundred to run down a steak theif?

And second. Wasn’t there someway the thief could’ve known that stealing these steaks was going to endanger everyone’s life?

Should’ve checked the alleged label on the back.

Via Biq Q Creations TSM